The first Australian saint: St. Mary of the Cross 16/09/2010 – 17/10/2010

17th of October 2010: Australia gets its first Saint. Her name is Mary MacKillop; she lived from 1842 to 1909, and founded the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart. My father and I worked with the Seven Network Australia which was extensively covering this historic event.

We began preparing for this television coverage a month before the canonization; scouting out locations for hosts and shooting short pieces for Seven’s News broadcast and the “Sunday Night” program.

During this month I got to know Rome very well, given that most of what we were filming was in the Eternal City. I saw its extraordinary sights at many different times of day and in diverse weather conditions, although sometimes I had to sacrifice precious sleep to do so.

We got to know some very interesting people connected to Mary MacKillop and her canonization.

Foremost among them was Sister Maria Casey, who had worked for years towards Mary’s canonization. It was great to meet her, she is a fantastic lady with a very witty sense of humour, and she cooks a mean ginger and carrot soup!

We also met Monseigneur Roberto Sarno, an official of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Causes of Saints, who played an important role in the canonization – as he was one of those who had to check the miracles attributed to Mary MacKillop. He was a very interesting guy; his office was filled with souvenirs from around the world including a piece of metal from the Titanic and a cross-shaped piece of melted metal from the World Trade Center, but most intriguing were his countless shelves filled with every season of CSI ever made.

We also had some fun times shooting around the historical center of Rome and in St. Peter’s Square, which isn’t really legal if you use a tripod (which we were). The Carabinieri were constantly trying to usher us away, but by using tricks such as feigning innocence and leaving the camera rolling while talking to the police, we got some very good shots.

We shot various other stories which I’ll talk about in my next posts.


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